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Betty Head Scheffert
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Carl Sass
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Doris Segal-Ayling
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Duane Wamsley
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George H. Schmidt
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Harold Waters
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Joseph H. Morin
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Richard Huffman
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Robert Kabat
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A Boy’s Journey Through the Great Depression
by Jack K. Paquette

Great story about Jack with many stories about Leo Paquette growing up. Mr. Paquette was one our our best teachers at MHS and this is an outstanding read.

Fort Miami Teachers
As of 7/28/09 here is the list of teachers attending reunion events!

List is subject to change as some teachers are experiencing life changing events such as illness and deaths in the families. Just shows how important this reunion may be for everyone.

FRIDAY ONLY, Cynthia Beekley (MHS), Eleanor Sonntag( Ft. Miami), Salley Otterbacher (Ft. Miami), Jo Ann Meek (Ft. Miami), Mr. Huffman (Wayne Trail), Betty Scheffert (Wayne Trail) Fred Edwards, Jerry McDaniels (MHS), Charles Repp (MHS)

SATURDAY ONLY,    Lynn King (Ft. Miami),

FRIDAY & SAT.,  Arlen Brubaker (MHS), William Granger (MHS), Helen Carr(MHS), Mr. and Mrs. Duane Wamsley (MHS), Florence Muenzer (Ft. Miami),

Received this letter from Robert Kabat, principal at Ft. Miami.

Maumee Class of 1968

It is with regret that I must inform you that I will not be able to attend the 40th class reunion, on August 7th & 8th.  I was looking forward to seeing many of the people that I spent time with during the thirty years that I was principal of Fort Miami School.  I considered the students as part of my extended family.  I have watched you mature into adults with families of your own.  I am very proud to have known all of you.  I cannot take credit for your successes nor your failures.  I just hope that in some small way I made a difference in your lives.  I think I can now share a secret with you.  Remember that Paddle on the book case in the office.  I never used it.

Now the reason for my absence.  Sixty years ago I was assigned to a United States Navy vessel in the Atlantic Ocean.  There were 325 men in the crew.  Over the years we have kept in touch and every few years we would get together.  In the beginning our reunions would attract more than one hundred comrades.  Sixty five years later there are only four of us left.  One of the men is seriously ill.  We four survivors decided to meet the week of August 3 for what might be our final reunion.  With 1100 veterns of WW11 dying every 24 hours, time is not in our favor.

I will miss seeing all of you.  Incidently I am writing a book about my thirty years at Fort Miami School.  Progress is slow, I just hope that I have enough time to complete the project.  I titled it ” Monday Morning”.

God Bless all of you, keep up the good work.

Your Principal,

Robert Kabat

Yes, we are locating our classmates, but what about our teachers?
Kim Bradshaw is in touch with the following teachers and yes, they are invited to the 40 Something Reunion.

He also requests any information for names of teachers at the elementary schools and the middle school.  Contact Kim by using the Classmates Page and his Contact Button.

Maumee High School

George Schmidt                      Jerry McDaniel

Doris Siegel                             Charles Repp

William Lyons                         William Granger

Cynthia Beekley                      Richard Krieger

Alma Hartman                         Pete Spang

Helen Carr                              Fred Edwards

Joseph Morin                          Linda Smith Criddle

Arlen Brubaker                       Paul Munzer

Duane Wamsley                      Mr. Burgess

Middle School: None

Ft. Miami

Robert Cabot-Principal                 Florence Muenzer

Eleanor Sonntag

Salley Otterbacher

Lynn King

Jo Ann Meek

Wayne Trail

Robert Huffman-Principal              Mrs. Wamsley
Mary Amos

Betty (Head) Scheffert

Florance Muenzer

Barbara Coleman

Betty Krill


Kenneth Kwiatkowski-Principal

St Joseph’s: None