Our 50th Reunion
Welcome Maumee Class of 1968
Calling all Class of 1968 Graduates of Maumee High School.
Without an email address or mailing address we cannot keep you
in the 50th Reunion news loop
Help us update the class database!

If you know or have found any of the missing, please, e-mail the update to maumee68@gmail.com (New contact as of 1/20/2018).
The information will be added to the classmates master file so we can keep you in the information loop.

Or let us know your current information by using the
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Many 68 Graduates have updated their information
looking forward to our 50th in 2018. 
A copy of the Backlash has been found and added to our PHOTO ALBUMS check it out!
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2018 Maumee High School 
Distinguished Alumnus Award

The Class of 68 did well for their 50th Anniversary.
Jack Hiles and Dave Shugar have been selected for induction as
2018 Distinguished Alumni of Maumee High School! Along with
Merle Gulick (1924) and Carol Anne Hamilton O'Brien (1976) they
were honored Friday January 26th at the basketball game at Maumee
High School and
Maumee High School Distinguished Alumnus Award Ceremony & Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony & Hall
of Excellence & 
Contribution Induction Ceremony January 27, 2018. 

Next 50th Reunion
Planning Meeting

July 13, 2018 3:00PM

Everyone is welcome.
Invitations are in the mail. This meeting we will focus on event details. If you want to volunteer for event activities please, try to attend. An agenda will be sent the week before the meeting.
Many will stay for dinner.
Arrangements have been made for those who would like to get together to meet at Jed’s, 1566 S Reynolds Rd, Maumee, OH 43537.
If you have a good setup for virtual meetings, please, consider inviting classmates over that may not be ideally setup.
These are the same instructions from the last meetings.
Our next planning meeting can be done from the comfort of your own home or anywhere you like. I am scheduling this meeting using a Skype like program called Zoom. I think this allows us to avoid the iffy weather conditions in March and encourage out of town classmates to join in on the conversation and planning. The link and instructional video links are below. Participants can use their computer, I phone, Android phone, Apple or Android tablet. If you would like to test your device, contact me and I will schedule a Zoom meeting and help you with setup.
To join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android click on the link: https://zoom.us/j/549804728
Or iPhone one-tap :
US: +16468769923,,549804728# or +16699006833,,549804728# Or Telephone:
Dial (for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location) :
US: +1 646 876 9923 or +1 669 900 6833 or +1 408 638 0968
Meeting ID: 549 804 728
The following youtube video provides a short introduction on how to join a meeting:
Downloads Apps for Apple and Android along with plugins for outlook and Google are available at https://zoom.us/meetings
Bob Bohls

50th Reunion 
Planning Meeting

Attended by:
 Sylvia Washburn, Roger Warnock, Bob Bohls, Kathy Archambeau Cornelius, Ed O’Hearn, Curt Urschel, Linda Burcewicz, Cindy Naumann, Gale Contat, Pam Butler Hardy, Becky Kotnik and via Zoom Beth Sobiloff, Dave Shugar and Jeff Gordon.
Cindy Naumann scheduled a bus tour sponsored by Maumee High School Alumni. There is no cost for the tour. Participants will meet 10 AM on Saturday, August 17th at the Performing Arts entrance at the high school. They will visit all the schools and other points of interest in Maumee.
 Gale Contat and Connie Zonner Derifield are working on a memorial book for all the classmates that have passed. They need help locating obituary’s and/or life stories. If anyone can contribute, please, contact Gale and Connie.
 We reviewed and refined the cover letter and registration forms. Letters will go in the mail by May 15th. Registration forms and checks are to be mailed to Cindy. Bob bohls will modify the Google Docs version of our roster so that Cindy can record registrations. Roger Warnock will show Cindy how to use Google Docs.
 We did some tests on the reservation process for Holiday Inn. The code for the discount rate appears to work for the nights of 8-17 through 8-19. Details are published in the registration cover letter.
 Becky Kotnik has a DJ friend that has offered to play tunes for us. She will send details to Bob Bohls.
 Bob Bohls suggest we create a decorated frame like you see in the intro to Modern Family for portrait photos.
 Gale will follow-up with the class of 67 for decorations.
 Next meeting will be June 8, 2018 at Jed’s and via Zoom.
 Bob Bohls



50th Reunion 
Planning Meeting

Meeting Summary April 13, 2018
Sarah Otis, Director of Development and Alumni Relations presented the mission and services available through the alumni organization. She suggested that we meet Friday at the Performing Arts facility at the high school and tour the stadium too. She noted that the stadium will be opened the week before our event, but the alumni room is not expected to be completed by then. She offered a bus tour of Maumee parks and the schools for Saturday for those not playing golf. There is no charge for the event on Friday or the bus tour. Cindy Naumenn will coordinate the bus tour with Sarah.
We now have 212 confirmed addresses, 40 deceased and only 38 classmates without addresses. Thank you to everyone who helped fill in the blanks.
Duane Powell checked with local hotels to reserve blocks of rooms at a discount to visiting classmates. The Holiday Inn offered the best deal at $99.00 per night. Details will be published on Facebook and the website shortly.
Beth (Carolyn Taylor) Sobiloff presented updated work on the new class website. She has made a lot of progress, but she says she is not ready to go live. If you are interested in seeing her work, join us for the next meeting. We will show her progress then. I promise it will be worth attending. Beth has done some amazing work. Beth will add the memorial video when I bring it up to date.
Gale Contat has a binder started for the memorial book to be shared at the reunion. She will reach out to Conni Zonner Derifield for help finding obituarys.
Becky Kotnik made reservations for brunch on Sunday morning at the Firepit Grille, 7723 Airport Highway, Holland Ohio.  Details will be published shortly. Note: Brandywine would not reserve tables for us and they would charge us for a private room.
Kathy Greene discussed the budget process for the class of 67 reunion. They settled on charging $40.00 per person for the dinner and covered the rest of the expense out of existing funds and some contributions from classmates. She provided valuable input about planning for the cake, flowers and decorations.
We put numbers to a worksheet and determined that we can maintain the dinner price at $40.00 per person which is our cost. Additional costs will be covered from our existing funds and some contributions by classmates and raffle that Becky Kotnik is going to run.
I will write a draft copy of the invitation cover letter and registration form for review before the next meeting. Invitations will be mailed and published in May.
The next meeting will again be at Jedds and via Zoom on May 11th at 3 PM.
Bob Bohls


50th Reunion 
Planning Meeting

Planning Meeting Summary 3-9-2018
 The meeting was attended by:
Bob Bohls, Cindy Naumenn, Duane Powell, Curt Urschel, Becky Kotnik, Gale Contat, Roger Warnock, Lynn Martin, Kim Bradshaw, Jeff Gordon and Beth Sobiloff. Please, let me know if I missed anybody.
 Roger announced that Lee Gwin just passed away. Roger also mentioned that Pat Kernahan passed away too. Their obituarys are attached below.
 Bob presented an update on the “Save the Date” post card returns. 238 were mailed
And 48 cards were returned; 39 Unable to Forward, 7 Addresses were updated and 2 are on temporary hold. Bob will send new cards to classmates with new addresses and publish list on classmates to be added to the missing list.
 Beth presented the work she is doing on a new class website that she offered to host on her server. Her work is outstanding, and we have asked her to proceed with development. Bob will send class data and senior photos. A separate technology meeting will be scheduled with Roger, Dave and Bob to discuss transferring pages from the existing website to Beth.
 The budget and consideration for how much to charge classmates for the Belmont event. ALL GROUPS WILL HAVE ESTIMATED COSTS TO PRESENT AT THE NEXT MEETING SO THAT PRICES CAN BE SET. We discussed asking Kathy Greene about cost for the 67 reunion. Bob will contact Kathy. There were questions about how the MHS Alumni organization might help us. Bob will send an invitation to our next meeting for Sarah Otis to attend our next meeting.
 We discussed plans for sending out registration forms and handling payments. Cindy Naumenn agreed to receive and deposit payments. We set a goal to have invitations in the mail in April.
 Duane will check with local hotels to secure preferred rates for out of towners and blocks of rooms. He will report results at the next meeting.
 Becky Kotnik reviewed plans for the raffle and detailed the menu for Belmont. We still need volunteers for sign-in for Friday and Saturday night.
 Duane advised that the golf outing is a shotgun start and includes 18 holes and cart for $36.00/person.
 There is some concern that Dales may not be able to accommodate everyone on Friday. Bill Fansler e-mailed and suggested Jed’s or Fallen Timbers Golf Course. Jed’s has been hosting our meetings for free.
They have lots of room and parking, so we reserved the back room for us for Friday night.
 Roger will investigate options for photography.
 Gale Contat will get together with Connie Zonner to work on a memorial book.
 The next meeting is scheduled for April 13th at 3 PM at Jed’s and remote using Zoom.

50th Reunion 
Planning Meeting 

Planning Meeting Summary 2-9-2018
 The meeting was attended by:
Gale Contat, Roger Warnock, Kathy Green, Lynn Martin, Dave Shugar, Kim Bradshaw, Jeff Gordon and Beth Sobiloff. Please, let me know if I missed anybody.

 Kathy Green, class of 67, shared their experience for their reunion and planning. Their event was well attended with 107 on Friday, 109 on Saturday at Belmont and 35-40 for Brunch on Sunday. Kathy felt the DJ expense was unnecessary because people just wanted to talk. She said price was a big issue (They charged $40. Per person) and some people felt a country club would be too fancy. For those that attended they found the country club to be casual and really enjoyed the place and the food.

 They got purple and yellow flowers at Kroger at a discount. She suggests we talk to them early. Printing materials came from Maumee Printing and the cake from COSTCO. She suggests that we include the phrase “RETURN SERVICES REQUESTED” on the return address for any written correspondence. The post office will return updated addresses.

 Belmont allowed them in to decorate in the morning. Their class has decorations leftover that we can use. Doors opened at 5 PM for appetizers and cocktails (cash bar) and dinner at 6PM. Belmont starts clean-up at 10 PM but people were able to stay past 11:30 PM.

 For Friday after the school tour they used the Legion Hall. Dales is too busy these days to accommodate the large reunion crowd.
 She regretted that they did not hire a professional photographer to take pictures, especially a group picture.
 If you see Kathy, please, thank her for her input and willingness to help us.

 The Technology group discussed progress they have made. Roger setup a Gmail account and Google Docs for us. We now have an official e-mail address, Maumee68@gmail.com. The roster is now located on Google Docs so that several members can maintain the roster.

 Beth Sobiloff researched the current website technology and performance. She found the site has not been updated to enhance performance on cell phone and tablets. They have no plans to update until next year. The web host offers a feature for “On line payments” but hey want to charge 5.9% for transactions. Beth is exploring alternatives and may have some ideas to present at the next meeting.

 Dave Shugar discussed listings for MIA’s. Visit the class website at “*New* Are You Found” http://www.maumeeclassof68.com/3/miscellaneous3.htm to see the missing and “*New* We have Found” at http://www.maumeeclassof68.com/3/miscellaneous3.htm to see the list of classmates that have addresses listed. Note: Not all of these addresses may be correct. 

 Kim Bradshaw suggested that we memorialize classmates that have passed with a slide show to the music of “Clair de Lune”. The class of 67 also created a binder with obituaries, etc.

 Duane Powell and Becky Kotnik visited Belmont and discussed details with the manager. Becky firmed up the menu with the manager. It promises to be an excellent meal. Details will be posted soon.

 Classmates have volunteered for the following:
 Memorial Book– Gale Contat
  1. Decorating – Amy Wilson – Gale Contat
  2. Donations/Sponsorship – Becky Kotnik
  3. Coordination with Alumni Association – Pam Hardy
  4. Memory book – Gale Contat
  5. Technology (Email, Web site, etc.) – Beth Sobiloff, Roger Warnock, Dave Shugar
  6. Cake Beth – Becky Kotnik and Beth Sobiloff
  7. “Save the Date” post card - Bob Bohls, Roger Warnock
  8. Entertainment
  9. Event pictures
  10. Old class pictures
  11. Handouts
 Roger Warnock asked that the details for the next meeting be emailed to participating classmates in addition to the posting on Facebook and the class website. If you have not received an email invite and want to attend, please, send your request to be added to Maumee68@gmail.com.

 The next meeting will be March 9th at 3 PM. See the event posting for details.


50th Reunion 
Planning Meeting 

Planning Meeting Summary
Friday - January 12, 2018

This was our first all “virtual” meeting.
Everyone connected without a hitch.
Attending were Roger Warnock, Duane Powell, Dave Shugar,
Kim Bradshaw, Jeff Gordon, Beth Sobiloff (Carolyn Taylor),
Curt Urschel on I-Phone and Pam Butler Hardy hosting
Becky Nelson Kotnik and Debbie Ballard Hagen.
We reviewed the reunion planned scheduled events as follows:
Friday, August 17, 2018
Kazmaier Stadium Tour, subj to availability – Contact, Curt Urschel
Dales bar – informal get together
Saturday, August 18, 2018
Golf Outing, Heatherdowns – Contacts, Bob Boggs and Curt Urschel
Reunion Main Event, Belmont 8-18-2018 – Contact, Duane Powell
Sunday, August 19, 2018
Brunch, Brandywine Country Club – Contact, Duane Powell
Events will be updated on the website and Facebook.
We moved on to detailed discussion regarding the class roster and locating the missing. Separate lists showing classmates with missing, addresses, e-mail and Facebook names will be published. Everyone is asked to review the lists to identify classmates contact information you may know. Be sure to check your own information too. Please send your updated information to me at bobsbull@roadrunner.com.
Roger Warnock will send out the first “Save the Date” post cards in about 2 weeks.
Becky Kotnik will take the lead on promotional contributions, sponsorship contributions and raffle. Pam Hardy volunteered to be the alumni liaison and communicate with Sarah Otis, Director of Development and Alumni Relations, contact teachers and promote announcements in the Mirror and Peach section of the Blade. We still need volunteers for these and other activities:
Memory book
Memorial Book
We had some discussion about using technology to improve commination and documentation for our classmates. Roger Warnock will be hosting a meeting on January 19th to consider possible options.
Tasks were assigned as follows:
Who Tasks
Roger Send Save the Date post card in 2 weeks
Bob Send Belmont e-mails to Duane
Bob Invite Kathy Green to the next meeting and FB
Pam Publish event in Maumee Mirror and Blade Peach section
Bob Update pinned discussion on FB to show schedule of events
Becky Write letter and solicit donations
Bob Post separate list of missing for address. E-mail and FB name
Duane/ Becky Duane and Becky will do a site visit to Belmont

Bob Bohls
Class of 68 11/10/2017 Planning Meeting
Class of 68 11/10/2017 Planning Meeting

50th Reunion 
Planning Meeting 

November 10, 2017 at 3:00 P.M.

Help us find you!
Use the CONTACT US button on the left Menu

We decided the next thing we should focus on is finding our missing classmates. A list of the missing will be published on FB and our website. Please, review the list. If you know the address, phone numbers, Facebook name or email, send the information to Bob Bohls at bobsbull@roadrunner.com or via FB messenger to Bob Bohls. I will update the master list. In February we will broadcast a “Save the Date” message via mail and email to all known classmates.
 We will not meet in December, but we will meet in January and February. The good news is that I've setup an account with Zoom, a Skype like option, so you will be able to attend from home. This makes it possible for more out of our towners to join in. Details will follow shortly. 

Enjoy your Thanksgiving,
Bob Bohls

Details can be found on the classmates
Facebook page.

All are Welcome to Attend Our Meetings...
Class of 68 October 6th Planning Meeting
Class of 68 October 6th Planning Meeting

Reunion News...

Friday - 10-6-2017 - 3PM to 6PM
Kickoff Planning Meeting for our 50 Year Reunion in 2018 at:
Jed's Barbeque and Brew
1566 S Reynolds Rd
Maumee, OH 419-482-7043

October 6, 2017
During our Kickoff Meeting Kim Bradshaw gave an overview of the Class of 67 reunion recently held at Belmont. Kim talked to several 67 classmates that gave the reunion high marks and loved Belmont. About 120 attended the Belmont dinner.
Cindy Naumann Presented details regarding the Elks Lodge. Kim presented Belmont options and Becky Nelson Kotnik several additional options including Capers (The old Jagels) on Byrne Rd. After discussion, the group decided to attempt to recover our deposit from the Elks Lodge and book the Saturday event at the Belmont.
In addition to the main event on Saturday, we discussed activities for Friday Saturday and Sunday. Bob Boggs suggested that we schedule a tour of the new stadium, provided it is finished and Bob and Curt Urschel offered to organize a golf outing for Saturday before the main event. Brunch at Brandywine on Sunday was also discussed and meeting at Dales on Friday after the stadium tour.
Locating classmates is the biggest challenge facing us right now. Several classmates living out of town have expressed interest in helping. Tracking down classmates might be just the thing. 

Bob Bohls
Tasks to be done:
Kim        Commit to Belmont venue
Duane    Look into recovering deposit for Elks Lodge
Bob        Ask Dave Youngman for proposal
Pam       Check on proposal for DJ Leibers
Bob        Distribute class list to out of towners to track down the missing and deceased
Pam       Invite teachers

For One Night Only the Class of 68
40 Something Reunion
“And one finds, especially by the time one reaches one's fifties, that there are a limited number of types of people in the world, and you went to high school with every single one of them. You can visit the Eskimos, you can visit the Bushmen in the Kalahari, you can go to Israel, you can go to Egypt, but everybody you meet is going to be somebody you went to high school with."
P.J. O'Rourke
Reunion Poll
What Class of 68 50th Reunion Events will you plan to attend? Vote for each one you will attend one at a time.

8/17 Stadium Tour and Meet and Greet at Dale"s Afternoon
8/18 Golf at Heatherdowns at 0800 AM
8/18 50th Class Reunion at Belmont CC 1900 PM
8/19 Brunch at Brandywine CC
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