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In the picture on the right is my family. From left to right is my daughter Rebecca, 14, Patricia, 16 and my wife Mary Jo. Mary Jo and I were married on leap day February 29, 1992, so we have celebrated only 4 anniversaries since our wedding. We are having a great time. Trish and Becca are enrolled at Walsh Jesuit High School. This is a twin to St. John’s except Walsh is co-ed. Tricia runs cross country and I am liaison for boosters club for cross country. Becca plays volleyball and I coach for a Junior Olympic club, Aurora Volleyball Club. Mary Jo has been a Girl Scout leader for the past nine years. I’ve been working for Buckeye Power Sales Co. since 1978 selling generators. I enjoy my job and I don't plan to retire soon. I missed the last reunion because I had quadruple bypass surgery so I’m really looking forward to this reunion. High school was a lot of fun and I have great classmates and good memories.   I’ve added some videos to the Shutterfly site at Please, take the time to look at these. You’ll see some football and a Halloween party in Miss Reitz class.   I hope I see you at the reunion this year.

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