Welcome Maumee Class of 1968
Calling all Class of 1968 Graduates of Maumee High School.
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Many 68 Graduates have updated their information looking forward to our 50th in 2018. 
Latest 2018 Reunion News...

Just want to let you know that there is some chatter on Facebook about organizing a 50th.  Started by Bob Bohls, Roger Warnock, Sylvia Saldana and a few others have commented that they would be interested in helping out.  Perhaps this means  that something will be organized.
Kim Bradshaw 

I’ve created a facebook group linking to the class web site.
My thinking is that it may be a good tool for organizing and encouraging more posts and updates.
I sent an invite to join the group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1914338395471607/.
Bob Bohls

Maumee High School Marching Band 1965

"The world isn't going backward, if you can just stay young enough to remember what it was really like when you were really young."

A. J. Liebling

   2017 Our 49th Class Anniversary
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Tonight for one night only...The Maumee High School Class of 1968!
Tonight for one night only...The Maumee High School Class of 1968!
“And one finds, especially by the time one reaches one's fifties, that there are a limited number of types of people in the world, and you went to high school with every single one of them. You can visit the Eskimos, you can visit the Bushmen in the Kalahari, you can go to Israel, you can go to Egypt, but everybody you meet is going to be somebody you went to high school with."
P.J. O'Rourke
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