When is the next Class Reunion?

Due to the success of the "40 Something Reunion" there was talk of a 45th Reunion but it did not happen. There is strong talk of a 50th reunion and it looks like we will celebrate our half century anniversary.
Stay informed, let us know your thoughts. Use the Contact Us button on the left to let us know your feelings, and if you want to get involved to make it happen.

The 40 Something Reunion is history. What's next?

The MHS Class of 68 will be meeting again soon at the Maumee High School Homecoming Football Game on 9/18/09.
This will be a several MHS Class event with the Classes of 67 and 69 (and maybe more). Here are the latest details from Kim Bradshaw.

Kick off for the home coming game is 7pm and we will meet at the concession stand at 6:30 and hopefully sit together in the stands.  All alumni and friends,spouses, etc are welcome.  Win or lose, we will proceed to Dale's after the game for more fun. This is just an informal multi class get together that hopefully will become an annual event.  Kathy Green,class of 67 is the main organizer. 

Who are the Watermelon Men that will be playing at the dinner dance?
 I am sure you you remember the Bucaneers from our high school days. The Watermelon Men play a lot of the classic music we remember and I am sure you know two of the musicians, Dave Youngman MHS68, and Steve Chandler also MHS.

I was in Maumee Elementry and Jr. High Schools, but moved before graduating with the Class of 68. Can I attend your reunion?

A big YES from your classmates. We are happy to see and party with our former classmates from all of the Maumee Schools. You are welcome at the reunion.

Who is working on the 40+ Reunion?


Cindy Naumann        Chairman and Treasuer Reception PAC
Sylvia Saldana Washburn  Reception Maumee High School &
                         Preforming Arts Center    
Kim Bradshaw         Teacher Contact and Database

Curt Urschel         Maumee Theater Facilities

Becky Nelson Kotnik  Catering 

Duane Powell         Golf Outing

Bob Bohls            Graduation Pictures

Roger Warnock        Website

Dave Shugar          Website
Barb Campbell Michael Database Updates


The committee…

Becky Simmons Baker    

Sandy Waters Brown

Barb Wise Lloyd        

Linda Gladfelter Burcewicz   

Cindy Ogden Shaneck

Steve Slusarski  

Nancy Nosker Parker    

Diana Smith Knight 

Larry Barden                 

Lynn Martin      

Tim Hines