Just want to let you know that there is some chatter on Facebook about organizing a 50th.  Started by Bob Bohls, Roger Warnock, Sylvia Saldana and a few others have commented that they would be interested in helping out.  Perhaps this means  that something will be organized.
Kim Bradshaw 

I’ve created a facebook group linking to the class web site.
My thinking is that it may be a good tool for organizing and encouraging more posts and updates.
I sent an invite to join the group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1914338395471607/.
Bob Bohls

How does everyone feel about an initial informal get together to start planning sometime this September for our 50th next year? Many of you have offered to help make this happen. During our initial meeting, we can discuss who does what and what needs to be done. Among the issues that we might consider are:
• Date
• Where to hold the main event
• A possible Friday event
• A possible Sunday event
• Attendance
o A plan to find classmates
o Get email addresses or Facebook info and phone numbers for classmates
o Update those that have passed away
Please, reply by September 5th.
Note: Let us know if you have an idea for a place to meet. I'm assuming a public place with a reasonably private room.
Select all that apply (You can add options to the list below.):

I plan to attend
I want to help but I cannot attend

Week of September 4th?

Week of September 11th?
 Week of September 18th?
 Any day
Week of September 25th?
Answer survey at bottom of this page or email me.
Note: We currently have 40 classmates that joined the group page with lots of enthusiasm. 

Bob Bohls

September 25, 2015
Name: Diana Smith -Knight
E-mail: dianasmithknight@gmail.com

Comments: trying to locate members of girl scout troop Harriet Smith and Jane Doyle were leaders - addresses -mom had girl scout paper work on troop members -I will send it if anyone would like to have it  
October 16, 2014

Comments: Never went away, still in the area. Very happily living in West Toledo and still working! My retirement plan is to drop dead at work because they will double my life insurance if I do. Three beautiful children, six incredible grandchildren.   

May 11, 2014
Name: Karen Howard (Ames)
Comments: Came upon this sight. by pure accident! Living in Montana for the last 15 years and married 42 years. I'm sure no one remembers me.Totally different person! 
February 15, 2009

You Can Go Home Again

“All roads lead home.”

Motorcyclist Quote


Even if you fly into Toledo or Detroit to attend the “40 Something Reunioneventually you will arrive in Maumee on two or four wheels. Driving south from Detroit and Michigan you have the choice of I-75 or 475. I-75 will get you into Maumee on the classic Anthony Wayne Trail from Toledo. You will see not much has changed on the Trail except the Toledo Zoo expansion in the last 40 years. The Salisbury Road/Dussel Drive exit off I-474 is the magic mile entrance into Maumee through Arrowhead Park with at least ten motels and twenty restaurants. There is a good chance you may be staying in Arrowhead if you are from out of town. Driving up from the south you may use the Arrowhead exit too, but I would take the State Route 25 exit (Dixie Highway) in Perrysburg to drive into Maumee across the new Maumee Perrysburg Bridge. It was built in 2002 and is an interesting curved or bowed bridge. You will have a great view if you are in an SUV, but if you are in a car the view is not so great. Take heart, the DOT says you are a lot safer on the new bridge. There is also a very wide walkway on the bridge so you can walk out and enjoy the view. On the 4th of July the bridge is closed and the Maumee/Perrysburg Fireworks are launched from the bridge. It is another reason to visit in the summertime.

Arriving in Maumee from the east or west you will be using the Ohio Turnpike and the Reynolds Road/Connat Street exit. There are no open fields on Connat Street now. Kidde Land is gone and the Maumee Drive-In is now a huge inside cinema complex. One of the most unique places about where Kidde Land use to be is Dr. Scott’s Pinball owned by Scott Sheridan MHS 69. You can buy the arcade or pinball game of your dreams or just walk the building amazed at the hundreds of machines.

Hot after that long drive? How about some ice cream? Maumee locals love the three neighborhood stands. Toozer’s at the corner of Sackett and Key next to the old “Ned's Key Center Market” (now Harm’s Carpet). It is known for soft serve sherbet like in the old Push-Ups but now served in cones alone or with soft serve ice cream. On the other end of town in the old Bob’s Marathon at the corner of West Dudley and Allen Street is Jackie’s Depot serving hard and soft ice cream. The local favorite here is the Lemon Shush with a serving of soft serve vanilla floating on top or mixed in.  Total refreshment. The oldest of the three local stands is The Penguin Palace on River Road. A true blast from the past it remains as it was in 1968. I cannot decide on a local favorite at Penquin. Every customer knows their personal weakness, and I have seen folks change their minds several times while waiting to be served. Just go, see and be seen, and enjoy the ice cream.

Welcome home, it will good to be back.

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