Just want to let you know that there is some chatter on Facebook about organizing a 50th.  Started by Bob Bohls, Roger Warnock, Sylvia Saldana and a few others have commented that they would be interested in helping out.  Perhaps this means  that something will be organized.
Kim Bradshaw 

I’ve created a facebook group linking to the class web site.
My thinking is that it may be a good tool for organizing and encouraging more posts and updates.
I sent an invite to join the group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1914338395471607/.
Bob Bohls

How does everyone feel about an initial informal get together to start planning sometime this September for our 50th next year? Many of you have offered to help make this happen. During our initial meeting, we can discuss who does what and what needs to be done. Among the issues that we might consider are:
• Date
• Where to hold the main event
• A possible Friday event
• A possible Sunday event
• Attendance
o A plan to find classmates
o Get email addresses or Facebook info and phone numbers for classmates
o Update those that have passed away
Please, reply by September 5th.
Note: Let us know if you have an idea for a place to meet. I'm assuming a public place with a reasonably private room.
Select all that apply (You can add options to the list below.):

I plan to attend
I want to help but I cannot attend

Week of September 4th?

Week of September 11th?
 Week of September 18th?
 Any day
Week of September 25th?
Answer survey at bottom of this page or email me.
Note: We currently have 40 classmates that joined the group page with lots of enthusiasm. 

Bob Bohls

September 25, 2015
Name: Diana Smith -Knight
E-mail: dianasmithknight@gmail.com

Comments: trying to locate members of girl scout troop Harriet Smith and Jane Doyle were leaders - addresses -mom had girl scout paper work on troop members -I will send it if anyone would like to have it  
October 16, 2014

Comments: Never went away, still in the area. Very happily living in West Toledo and still working! My retirement plan is to drop dead at work because they will double my life insurance if I do. Three beautiful children, six incredible grandchildren.   

May 11, 2014
Name: Karen Howard (Ames)
Comments: Came upon this sight. by pure accident! Living in Montana for the last 15 years and married 42 years. I'm sure no one remembers me.Totally different person! 
May 6, 2009

"The more things change the more they stay the same."

Look for a lot of changes around town when you come back to the reunion in August! The Golden Gate shopping center has lost the Food Town building, and construction of a new Rite Aid is moving forward. What will happen to the current Rite Aid in the old Bargain City part of Golden Gate is still unknown to this writer. I will let you know as soon as I know. Southwyck Shopping Center is also being torn down to be replaced with green space and more residential housing. Since all of the members of the Class of 68 grew up with these landmarks be ready for the changes. Also a reconstruction of the intersection of I-475 and Salisbury/Dussel Drive starts this summer and will continue for at least two years. It looks like the best way into Maumee from I-475 may be using the Anthony Wayne Trail exit. Use Ford Street for access out to Dussel Drive if needed.
FYI Update
The Maumee Acting Service Director gave an update on the Dussel/Salisbury construction project stating that construction will begin May 11, 2009 and that Salisbury Road is scheduled to close for seven days the first week in June. Construction is expected to conclude in November 2011.
Another Update....
Remember our graduation night party at Imperial Lanes?
From the Toledo Blade May 13th....
"A 46-year Toledo sporting tradition, with former national fame, will end (May 13th) when the last pin falls at Imperial Lanes at Central Avenue and Reynolds Road.
For many years the scene of professional bowling tournaments broadcast to a network television audience, the longtime bowling center in Sylvania Township is closing 11 months after owner Darrell Ducat sold the property to ProMedica Health System for expected expansion."
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