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MHS Band

I always enjoy getting pictures to add to the Class of 68 website.
This month I received some special photos to add. One of the activities we grew up with was music. Most of us started in 5th grade playing our chosen instrument at lessons, but the first time we ever played all of the different instruments together was at the Lucas County Fair. Playing was hard enought, but marching while playing together and using a lyre to read our marching music was heady business for someone going from Grade School to Junior High School. FYI...A clarinet lyre is a handy metal holder that inserts between the clarinet's sections to hold a flip folder for sheet music. It is used when a regular music stand cannot be used, such as in marching band or outdoor performances.
The photos were taken at the Lucas County Fair Grounds then known as, "Maumee Downs Race Course" for the horse racing action that took place there. These pictures were taken at the Fair in the summer of 1963 between 6th and 7th grades. It was the first time all of the musicians from the elementary schools played together and had some fun at the Fair.      
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